Project Description


Located on the Sony Pictures Lot in Culver City, CA, this facility is an in-house recording studio and multi-use, multi user space open to all levels of Sony media and designed to reflect their rainbow of creative production needs. The studio was designed by WSDG in partnership with Gensler. Premier LA GC firm Taslimi were retained for construction, and Procraft partnered with WSDG on A/V design and installation. 


The WSDG Design Team was tasked with creating a top-level studio within the existing Sony infrastructure that could equally serve the needs of traditional and immersive audio recording, video production, and podcast production as well as serving as an event and performance space.


The converted office space was designed with a clean, modern aesthetic to make it pliable for its many uses. The space includes a live room with flexible acoustics configurable for multiple uses, including live tracking, video production, immersive playback, dance rehearsal and event hosting and a wall-sized screen made up of 2×2 ft LED displays. The studio also includes a control room, dedicated isolation booth, and a podcast production suite as well as office space and a visitor’s lounge adjacent to the Sony Pictures museum space.