Project Description


The Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Theatre on Lehniner Square) is a well-known theatre located in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin that was originally built in 1928. It has gone through many iterations before assuming its current role as a musical theater and opera house in the late 1970s. 


The WSDG design team was tasked with room acoustic reconstruction of Halls A and B of the theatre.


Hall A (7,000 m³, 428 seats) and Hall B (6,500 m³, 367 seats) had suffered from poor room acoustics conditions for quite some time. The WSDG design team made intensive surveys and measurements of the room and recommended the replacement of the suspension with sound-transparent ceilings in the spectator area as well as new sidewalls in the secondary structures to support the sound of the actors onstage. Reverberation times were also increased to give the room more suitable conditions for acting and performing.