Project Description


Jairo Manhães is one of the most respected gospel music producer in Brazil who has decided to improve the quality of his already well know musical work by relocating his project studio to the recently finished world class studios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Located in the “Ilha do Governardor”, five minutes from the international airport, the studio was built in a 15,600 sq.ft land having the main building occupying 1/3 of the total area in three stores.


The building is divided in three distinct areas – a 450sq.feet rehearsal studio is located in the basement, beside the cantina where the client can have a fresh and authentic Brazilian coffee enjoying the beautiful view of the landscape.

The main section of building incorporates a 600sq.feet studio with a 20′ high ceiling installed with variable acoustics system capable of providing different sound characteristics for various music production needs. Just like all the other rooms in the building there are several acoustic windows that brings daylight to the room.

Attached to the large studio there are two control rooms allowing the facility to work on different operating modes.The large format Control Room A occupies 430 sq. feet and is fully equipped for DVD mixing with a Euphonix CS3000 console, a ProTools HD recording system and a Genelec 1038 5.1 system with two 7070 subwoofers and a 50″ plasma screen.

Located in the 2nd floor, is the 190sq. feet Control Room B also equipped for 5.1 mixing with another ProTools HD system and a Control 24 console. Since this room is also attached to the large Studio, the entire facility can work in different operating modes.

Design and construction was all taken care by WSDG and its contractor partner Blink Engenharia Ltda who was responsible for building the entire facility from the ground up and delivering the building ready to work in a astonishing 12 month period of time.


The equipment installation was provided by WSDG’s partner “Ground Control”, responsible for installing and maintaining most of the large studios in the country.