Project Description


This luxury listening room is the artistic and cultural center of a 18,000 sq ft private residence located in upstate New York. Designed and built in cooperation with Grandberg & Associates, the room incorporates the minimalist modern design of the overall dwelling while boasting comfortable seating, pristine acoustics, and integrated A/V equipment to make it suitable for a variety of musical experiences.


An audiophile with a musical family, the owner requested a minimalist room with excellent acoustics for listening, and film screenings.  In addition to this he wanted full acoustic isolation so as not to disturb the rest of the house, and flexible A/V integration that would allow him to use it for personal recording projects and small performances.


The 500 sq ft listening room has a minimalist design aesthetic in keeping with the overall look and feel of the dwelling.  It is fully isolated with room-within-room construction and uses a variety of acoustic treatments — including custom designed perforated wood paneling and fabric absorbers — to ensure an ideal acoustic profile for both listening and playing music.  The A/V systems, designed by WSDG and installed by Pablo Arraya, include two Apogee Symphony MKII’s.  One located in the listening room and the other in the adjacent office/control room.  The first Apogee is a 2X6 and is used as a D/A for the Roon Music Service in the listening room.  This room has a pair of Spatial Audio X2 speakers and a Constellation Audio Stereo amplifier 1.0.  The second unit is in the office/control room.  It is a 16X16 unit that is controlled by Logic for music tracking.  This unit is fed by a Grace Design 801 mk2 8 Channel Mic Pre, a Phoenix DRS 8 MKII, Dangerous Music Monitor D Box + and Genelec 8040B’s.  The whole system is powered by a fully loaded mac mini with dual 32” displays.  The second display also has a PTZ camera to be able to see your artists while tracking.  There is also a Hear Technologies OctoHB4 for musicians Monitors.  The Roon server and Dangerous Music Dbox+ are controlled via an Ipad.