Project Description


An inviting modern creative space that blends an organic aesthetic with state-of-the-art acoustic design, this two floor recording studio is located within the 7th and 8th floors of an unassuming corporate building in the heart of Shanghai, China. 


The WSDG Design Team was tasked with designing a contemporary recording space that would serve as a warm, inspiring atmosphere for Shanghai’s community of contemporary musicians. This process included interior acoustic design and isolation, studio architecture, and interior design. 


The studio consists of a double-height live room, two control rooms, an iso booth, and a lounge with a unified look that utilizes beautiful hardwood surfaces and floors for an inviting vibe. This look is accented by rows of rectangular Red Walnut slatted wall diffusers and evocative ceiling ‘clouds’ in each room that ensure a perfect acoustic environment while also implying an orderly rhythm to the facility. Windows to the outside world also provide natural light during daylight hours, while embedded color-changing LED lighting fixtures allow its owners to tune the ‘mood’ of a session. Room-within-room construction throughout the facility ensures acoustic isolation from the outside world and without disturbing the studio’s residential and commercial neighbors within the building. 

All photos by Renbing Huang