Project Description


The Moses Mabhida Stadium is located in a sporting precinct in Durban on the shore of the Indian ocean and features a 105-meter arch that rises over the circular stadium.

The multi-purpose stadium not only meets FIFA requirements but can also host the Commonwealth Games or Olympic Games.

The arch is connected by cable system to the external edges of the roof, carrying the weight of the roof’s inner membrane.

A viewing platform, where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city and ocean, sits on the apex of the arch and can be reached via cable car. The 70,000 capacity stadium sits on an elevated platform, with a façade of perforated metal sheeting and a cable-tied canopy roof. The building offers excellent conditions for participants, journalists and spectators, with VIP facilities, the President and Ocean Atriums (both over six stories high), clubrooms and 130 spectator boxes.

Photography Credit: ADA-AMC GmbH (A WSDG Company)


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