Project Description


Built in the Palermo Hollywood neughborhood of Buenos Aires, Mariano Otero´s personal studio was designed to be a creative, comfortable environment where he could work on his music.

Mariano Otero is one of the top Jazz players of the BA scene. The studio is an integral part of his living space, and it needed to accommodate the many instruments Mariano plays. It is comprised of a single room inside his main residence. WSDG was also responsible for the design of a home theatre on the top floor of the house, planned as a hi-tech multimedia space for the entire family and friends.


Since the studio is located on the ground floor of his family home, careful consideration has gone into the acoustical planning both in terms of sound containment and isolation. The same rules were applied to the home theatre, built on the 3rd floor of the house.

The space design in the studio allows for maximum flexibility in case the equipment configuration ever changes. The workstation looks into a small garden, benefiting from plenty of natural light.


As an important part of his house, the studio environment was created using a typical room within a room acoustic construction, in order to guarantee 24/7 perfomance and ZERO complain of the rest of the family.

The internal room acoustic treatment was created to estimule the creativity of the rehearsal space with no compromise of liveness requested for jazz music performance.