Project Description


The Jazz Standard is a major renovation and re-opening of a NYC Jazz club. Located directly beneath the Blue Smoke BBQ Restaurant, The Jazz Standard presents world-class jazz and blues music, six nights a week. Owned and operated by renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer, both Blue Smoke and the Jazz Standard were designed to provide a high quality and FUN experience for all patrons.


Sam Berkow, of WSDG, developed the acoustical and sound system design of the club. Critical issues included noise control between the restaurant and the club (vertical isolation), isolation of the club and the adjacent kitchen (where they smoke tons of Bar-B-Que), the acoustics of both the stage and audience listening area and the sound system design.


The acoustics of the space were a difficult issue. The club is in a basement, and the low ceiling (of poured concrete) suggested that the build-up of low frequency energy was likely. To address this, sound absorbing materials (both fiberglass mid-frequency absorption and diaphragmatic absorbers) were placed in the ceiling. The rear wall of the stage is treated with a thick and modular set of sound absorbing panels. These panels, finished in red velour, give the club a ‘sexy’ and ‘intriguing’ appearance.


The Jazz Standard’s sound system consists of (2) Meyer UPA-series self-powered loudspeakers, (1) 18″ Bag End sub-woofer with ELF processor and (2) Meyer UPM loudspeakers for delays. Two versions of the Meyer UPA loudspeakers were used as stage left and right loudspeakers. One UPA was fitted with the standard UPA horn, featuring a100h x 50v degree dispersion pattern, while the other UPA was fitted with a 45 x 45 degree conical horn. The tighter pattern of the 2nd UPA was used to help keep energy off the side wall of the club. All of the loudspeakers are fed signals through a Shure DSP unit that provides delays and equalization. Monitors are provided by (4) JBL 10″ EON self-powered loudspeakers. A wide variety of microphones were also provided. Installation of the sound system was overseen by Steve Sockey.