Project Description


For over 90 years, the Interlochen Center for the Arts has provided students from third grade through high school from around the world with a unique artistic education.  Nestled on 1,200 pastoral acres in scenic Northern Michigan, the campus has now introduced a cutting-edge, $24-million Music Center to serve as the focal point for its substantively enhanced music programs.  A key component of the new complex is a state-of-the-art recording/teaching studio complex developed by WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group.


Encompassing two double-height, 3,200-sq. ft. rehearsal halls, 25 teaching studios, nine ensemble rooms, ten practice rooms, support areas ranging from administrative offices to student lounges and an instrument repair shop, the Music Center optimizes every square foot of the new building.  Previously housed separately in the Corson Auditorium and the Edward P. & Jessie Frohlich Piano & Percussion Building, the entire educational program will now be situated in the new three-level, 62,000 sq. ft. Music Center.


WSDG Partners/Project Managers, Romina Larregina and Matthew Ballos report that two world-class, WSDG recording studios are linked to virtually every creative room in the complex and, to the stage of the Corson Auditorium.  Observation balconies enable guests to watch ensembles perform; a double-layered ‘floating’ roof system was deployed to minimize rain noise.  A highly sophisticated systems integration program was custom-designed by long-time WSDG associate Judy Elliot-Brown of Rocket Science.  The program facilitates live recording from all of the Music Center’s production, rehearsal and performance spaces, each of which features floating floors and room-within-room construction to assure the required Sound isolation between all production and performance zones.  Both C.R.’s are equipped with intuitive, Dante user-interface and network management systems as key systems integration elements.  The ground level studio features a 250 sq. ft. Control room bookended by two dedicated Iso Booths.  Adjacent to the left of the C.R. is a 900 sq. ft. Ensemble Room for orchestras. An 800 sq. ft. Singer/Songwriter Room is situated on the right side of the C.R., which also features windows into both spaces.   A second (300) sq. ft. C.R. built on the 2nd level is outfitted with 7.1 Surround Sound Neumann Speakers and is also fully linked to all performance spaces to facilitate simultaneous live recording and/or mixing sessions.

Commenting on the studio complex, Interlochen Center For The Arts Executive Director, Rory Baker remarked, “We chose WSDG because of their proven track record in control room design.  They are trusted by many professionals in the industry and are highly recommended.  In addition, WSDG designed the studios and control rooms at Interlochen Public Radio, and we felt that familiarity and consistency would be an advantage.”


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