Project Description


After working as clients at Jingletown Recording for some time, Green Day decided they needed a room to call their own, they purchased the studio complex and renamed it JingleTown Recording. Studio B was never completely finished and the group felt they could be comfortable there. Engineer Chris Dugan was familiar with John Storyk’s work and recommended WSDG to retool the original 600 sq. ft. control room, live room and two iso booths.

Storyk’s acoustical scheme included a suspended architectural “cloud,”which is acting as a low frequency membrane absorber as well as mid – high frequency reflecting element.  A series of cool black, grey and natural wood wall panels additionally address the existing low-end issues while simultaneously providing the studio with a hip, casual vibe.  Rear wall full frequency diffusion is accomplished with a custom wood Diffractal.

The studio features a combination of state of the art and classic vintage gear including an SSL 9000J console, Genelec 1038 and Yamaha NS 10 Speakers, Dynaudio BM15 monitors, API and Vintech preamps and EQs, Lexicon 960L and a Pro Tools HD rig with Apogee converters.  Microphone-wise, their classic mics include a Telefunken EL-M 251 and Neumann U-47M, along with a full array of outboard gear.