Project Description


A prolific voiceover artist with credits ranging from CBS to E!, Lifetime, CTV and MTV, Graeme Judd had retained WSDG to design a first tier personal recording voiceover studio in his family home. The success of that initial project inspired him to return to WSDG for the design of a Home Theater/Entertainment room. One which would also serve as a screening and audio listening room for client projects.


The most critical component of any home theatre system is the physical room itself. Precise construction methods and materials, and scrupulous HVAC, sound isolation, lighting, and electrical requirement selections, insure the acoustical quality of the room. And, these elements must be resolved BEFORE construction begins. Correcting design and structure errors after the fact is costly, time consuming and unnecessary. Pre planning is the key. The second vital element is the choice of a skilled, competent construction partner. For the Graeme Judd home theater, we were fortunate to work with Calgary-based contractor Harmony Renovation We recently collaborated with Harmony on a multi-purpose home theatre that also serves as an entertainment, family, playroom AND client screening/listening room.


Because this Home Theater is a focal point of a true family home, (a new baby girl recently joined the household), sound isolation was a primary concern. A ‘floating’ floor was deemed unnecessary, as the theater is located in the home’s basement. However, placing absorbent isolation treatments between the stud and gypsum board walls effectively isolates sound from leaking into the rest of the house. Carpeting, plush fabric-covered furnishings, and absorbent ceiling panels further insured the rooms’ total acoustic integrity. The compact 200 sq. ft. room with a 7 ft. ceiling, provides the family with an extremely comfortable listening and viewing environment conducive to total relaxation and equally ‘client friendly’ for the owner’s business meetings.

Photos by Harmony Home Projects Inc


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