Project Description


Firehouse 12 is a recording studio, music performance space, and café located on Crown Street in New Haven, CT, representing a unique combination of live performance space and professional recording studio. “With 18 foot high ceilings and solid construction dating back to 1904, the building has earned its place on the National Register of Historic Places, and we immediately recognized its terrific inherent acoustics,” John Storyk said.

Some of the key equipment in the facility include a Vintage API Legacy 48 input console, a Studer A827 2″ tape deck, 48 channel Pro Tools HD3/Accel system, Nexo PS 15/PS 10 speakers with Camco amplification, a collection of Neumann, DPA, Soundfield, Royer, BLUE, AEA, AKG and Shure mics and plenty of top-shelf outboard equipment.

The Live Room is 1,200 square feet with a 15 foot wood ceiling and bamboo floors. There are three isolation booths radiating off of the main space, with clear, open sightlines between all the recording spaces. The control room is centered around a classic API Legacy automated console.

Some of the more unusual design aspects of Firehouse 12 include an extraordinarily effective warped three-dimensional plywood membrane absorber for the live room ceiling and custom-designed glass doors that double as oversized windows, which provide perfect sight-lines in every direction between the two large isolation booths, and the live and control rooms.

Since opening, the facility has been host to many diverse music genres and is especially known for hosting and recording live jazz performances; it has already attracted a number of interesting artists including Mates Of State.


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