Project Description


ORT Technical schools in Buenos Aires is a high school, a post-secondary Institute of Technology, and a School of Integration of Technology, Management and Business. ORT Argentina employs almost 900 teachers, and its student body exceeds 6000 members. An essential component of the school is its audio program, for which WSDG designed a studio and a control room.


The main objective of this project was to provide ORT with an environment that provided the highest quality standards, so students could flourish with their educational activities. Both rooms were designed to accommodate small-class instruction in audio production, as well as individual student projects.


Within the main requirements of the client were the acoustic isolation of the rooms, which are right next to other traditional classrooms, as well as dealing with reverberation times and frequency responses following international standards, so as to allow students to learn in a similar environment to the ones they would get outside the school, in professional audio facilities.

Interior Design

One of the goals of the project in its interior design stage was to accomplish an environment that would be clearly differentiated from the rest of the school in regards to design and interiorism. This is why we proposed a radical change in the shapes and color scheme, giving the space a young and fresh feeling, as well as a technical one.


The high school has a course which includes acoustics, electroacoustics, musical initiation and recording among other subjects. Part of this study program is the history of recording, giving students a look at different analogic and digital formats that have been used in history and up to this date.