Project Description


Eduardo Guimarães and his family have a great appreciation for movie theaters and have looked forward to creating a dedicated Home Theater in their house in Belo Horizonte, using the latest technology.


The Home Theater was designed using a 500 sq.ft. existing space in the basement area of the home. The room can accommodate up to 8 people in full size executive seats, incorporating a state of the art audio and video systems, including full automation control off all sources.


The room received a modern look by the mix of many wood and fabric elements. Special care was taken for the lighting design and the full controlled and dimmerable system have a great impact on the architectural and acoustical elements installed.


Due to the structural conditions the existing low noise floor was improved by the extra absorption promoted by the internal treatments, and the room was rated NC25 according to the noise criteria curves.

The flat frequency response was obtained with symmetrical reflection control using both broadband absorption and diffusion elements placed in specific locations. The necessary low frequency control was achieved by the installation of bass traps at the front wall and ceiling along with the correct positioning of a back wall in away to obtain optimal room geometry, distributing the modal frequencies evenly. Bi-dimensional wood diffusers were installed at the existing low ceiling not only for reflection control but also to create the illusion of a higher space and thus providing a more comfortable room.


The home theater digital audio and video systems includes:

  • Anthem AVM 30 Pre Amplifier
  • DVD player Marantz DV 7600
  • Crestom MC2W processor
  • Kreish 106” perfurated screen
  • Marantz S4 projector
  • Velodyne DD12 subwoofers
  • BP20 front speakers
  • CLR 1000 center speaker
  • BPX surround speakers