Project Description


Dinemec Studios is one of Europe’s more versatile TV and sound studios. Its production capabilities include orchestral recordings, movie scoring, and TV shows. The facility even accommodates concerts to live audiences. The facility includes several rehearsal rooms that have the capacity to handle a full orchestra.  There are also film and shooting studios with sound-stage capability, off-line editing, mastering, and several dedicated client areas.

Studio One is one of the largest purpose built recording studios in Europe. It typically handles orchestral music, but often is the setting for live recording events in front of a studio audience. The main studio has 573 square meters of solid-wood floor space with a portable 200 square meter stage–which can be placed anywhere in the studio or completely removed depending on the needs of the client. The room is fitted with full video monitoring and employs 5.1 surround sound.

Studio Two, which is 81 square meters, is used primarily as a rehearsal space but can also accommodate small events and recording sessions. It has a full iso-booth that is often used for TV, film and DVD commentaries. Studio Three is a multi-purpose sound, video and multi-media room–it is also used as a projection theater which seats 20 people for TV and film screenings. Studio Three is often used for drum and percussion recordings, since it provides superb reflective acoustics.

Studio Four is the facilities flagship stereo mixing area. It combines the latest and vintage equipment, including an SSL 4056 G+ desk with modified EQ by Masselec-Prism on 8 channels. Monitoring is handled by the Boxer T5 custom loudspeaker. Studio Four accommodates all recording formats, and is fully equipped with a 56 output Pro Tools HD2 system, an Apogee DA16X, a 48-track DASH recorder, a 2″ analog deck, and a host of other machines.


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