Project Description


The Deutsches Theater is one of the most prominent theater companies in all of Germany since originally being built in 1883. The theater hosts a robust program of musical and theatrical performances and has been a historic cultural center in Berlin for generations. Between 2007-2010 the theater underwent a series of upgrades and refurbishments for which WSDG’s services were retained.


The WSDG design team was tasked with building acoustics, room acoustics, and electroacoustics of the entire facility. All of this work had to be done while still preserving the historic ambiance of the theater.


WSDG employed a series of solutions designed to improve the acoustics and sound and media systems without compromising the original design of the theater. From a room acoustical point of view, the round horizon on Max Reinhardt’s stage and the textile wall covering in the auditorium had to be considered and kept intact.