Project Description


With over ten-years experience in creating fresh, relevant, story-focused sound for TV commercials, networks, record labels, brands, films and video games, director/producer Christian Cooley was ready to expand to a full service audio production facility to meet his growing client needs. With credits ranging from Coors, Head & Shoulders, Gamesa and Cadillac, he knew his new facility had to reflect first tier aesthetic and acoustic standards. After finding a 2000 sq. ft. former art gallery / warehouse style building at the hip neighborhood of Wynwood in the art district of Miami, Cooley contracted WSDG to design a state-of-the-art complex. 


Bamyasi Studios features a spacious Live Studio and Control Room, sound lock, comfortable lounge and conference room, offices, kitchen and shop. WSDG optimized space utilization by incorporating built in equipment racks, and took advantage of multiple windows to enhance the Control Room ambiance with welcome natural light. 


The Control Room ceiling features a unique “inclined” ceiling cloud which slants upwards from console position, above the client listening area and greatly enhances the sweet spot. The cloud aesthetics are further enriched by a multi-color LED lighting scheme. To insure the acoustic integrity of the control room while permitting natural light, the rear wall window was precisely angled and fitted with large glass diffusers to provide exterior views while barring the intrusion of external sound.


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