Project Description


Avenues: The World School opened its first campus in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood in 2012, with the goal of creating a network of international campuses in the world’s most vibrant cities. The Shenzhen, China branch consists of two locations in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District, a pre-K–12th grade campus in the Tanglang neighborhood, and a Learning Innovation Center in the Sunmax Technology Park.


WSDG provided acoustic and A/V systems consulting as well as construction supervision for the two locations. The goal was to create functional learning environments that emphasized clear verbal intelligibility and allowed for the optimum delivery of A/V content as well as minimizing sonic distraction for students and staff. This meant that design elements had to be implemented to inhibit external noises as well as improve isolation between rooms. In addition to this family meeting rooms had to be sound-proofed for privacy.


The Tanglang campus was built on the site of a former factory that has been renovated and converted into a school, therefore certain structural elements had to be added to improve the acoustic design. WSDG specified higher-than-average isolation in these designs to improve isolation between rooms and cut down on noise from the outside. In addition to this the A/V systems in the classrooms of the school were designed with educators in mind, focusing on basic functionality and ease of use. For larger gathering spaces such as the auditorium, WSDG incorporated tiered levels of functionality for use by more advanced system operators.


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