Project Description


Jose Gentile is a platinum-certified producer/mix-engineer with multiple Billboard #1 hits in both the US and Latin music markets.  After a decade of living and working in Los Angeles, Gentile decided to return to his hometown of Cordoba, Argentina.  Once there, he retained the services of WSDG to design a home studio that would allow him to continue his work. The studio was completed in 2013 and it is called “Arcadia”.


Gentile specified a compact two room studio, with a single Control Room and a Live Room separated by a side glass wall for visibility. Perfect sound isolation was a critical component of the design as he wanted the flexibility to work on projects at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone in his attached residence.


In addition to his workstation, mixing desk, and monitoring equipment, the Control Room was designed with handsome wood paneling with imbedded lighting for a warm vibe.  A raised couch was placed at the rear of the room for music listening, ensuring his client’s comfort in the space.  Gentile wanted natural materials in the live room to give it an organic ambiance.  WSDG recommended the use of stone found in the nearby Cordoba mountains to give the room the required feel.


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