Project Description


1776 On The Green Restaurant, sited near the Morristown Green Historical Park, is one of the largest, most unique and most ambitious “themed” restaurants on the East Coast. The restaurant is outfitted to host 232 interior diners and 219 outdoor guests and includes a tasting room. In addition to its dining accommodations, 1776 On the Green also features six Topgolf Swing Suite golf simulators designed to provide avid golfers with the opportunity to work up their appetites or “work off” their calories while practicing their swings. The project was created by Motown Restaurants, LLC celebrity chef David Burke, and Robert Blaser, AIA, principal architect with Michael Graves Architecture & Design.


WSDG was engaged to develop a program of acoustical treatments throughout the nearly 11,000 square foot dining/sports activity complex.  With a 15’ ceiling height and extensive window and interior glass walls, the priority was to eliminate noise reflection (echo/reverberation) by developing “invisible” wall and ceiling elements to enhance the aesthetic environment while providing a comfortably modulated atmosphere for quiet conversation and simultaneously softening the raucous excitement generated by the Topgolf Swing Suites.


Working closely with Michael Graves Architecture & Design principal, Robert Blaser, the WSDG acoustical design team recommendations included applying 1” thick K-13 Fireproofing Spray, across the exposed ceiling to reduce reverberation and increase sound comfort and speech intelligibility for patrons.  Sound deadening materials including unobtrusive black theaterboard was installed in the Topgolf bays and nooks to reduce the cracking sound of  “ball hits.” Decoustic Panels were distributed above the bar to absorb revelry echoes.  WSDG experience in designing recording studio control rooms and critical listening environments, prompted the installation of an especially quiet HVAC system to eliminate the hum of less noise-conscious restaurants.