Spotify at Mateo is a 150,000 square foot facility designed to be an immersive experience for musicians, audio producers, podcasters, and content creators that encompasses all aspects of production, post-production, and performance in one seamless experience.

This multidisciplinary project was led by WSDG (Walters-Storyk Design Group) and RIOS.

Spotify’s recording studios evoke both the past and present of recording with a pair of inspiring rooms that encapsulate analog and digital workflows.

Studio A was designed with a ‘classic’ feel evoking the artist-driven project studios of the past. As such, it features an analog workflow centered around a 48-channel Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5088 console and is stocked with vintage gear collected from every corner of rock and roll history. The studio is also capable of variable acoustic profiles by use of innovative sets of hinged acoustic panels.