pavel-shemaykinVíctor Cañellas (Weike) – Acousmatic Sinologist / Representative has been a successful acoustician/sound researcher in China since 2003. His expertise in developing acoustic interfaces for visual arts in performance venues has contributed to such demanding assignments as the Park19 and LOFT345 clubs in Guangzhou and for the popular 2007 ‘Imperium’ premiere in Beijing. His expertise in acoustic treatments was enriched by serving as a representative for Jocavi Acoustic Panels and Soundbox Acoustic Tech fixed architectural acoustic systems. Victor studied Social Science (Economy and Sociology) at Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Asian Studies at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) Center of International and Intercultural Studies, and attended Chinese Language Studies in Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou. His wide-knowledge of ‘Eastern thought and logics’ provide a solid foundation for him in his new role as a WSDG representative.