Cosmic Sound Studio

El productor, compositor y músico Fuad Handal, en el primer estudio de grabación con diseño de clase mundial en Honduras: “Cosmic Sound Studio”.

Hace 22 años comenzó a incursionar en el ámbito musical, formando […]

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Инсталляция в Храме футбола



Featured in InAVate August. 2014 

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The Acoustic Environment Is A Critical Element Of The Sound System
NEW YORK: “These speakers sound OK, but that’s not good enough. Something isn’t right with this room.”* In May 2014, Harman International acquired an […]

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Recording in an Airstream

Ronnie Lane’s Mobile Studio was among the first mobiles ever to hit the road. Armed with a Helios mixing console, Studer and Revox tape machines, and Tannoy monitors it was made yet more newsworthy […]

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Perfect Pitch

FSCI Magazine – Berklee College of Music CAFETERIA

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Tecnología de punta y técnicas de construcción contemporáneas en Casa Ezeiza

Los nuevos modos de vivir derivados de la globalización y las tecnologías electrónicas han generado espacios altamente técnicos que ya no están limitados a pocas personas: es una posibilidad abierta al alcance de todos. […]

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Berklee College of Music Opens Major WSDG-Designed Audio Teaching Complex in 160 Mass. Ave. Tower

Berklee College of Music opened the doors to its 160 Massachusetts Avenue residence tower in January 2014. The building now features one of the largest, most progressive, and versatile professional audio teaching/production/performance complexes in […]

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The Church: The Resurrection of a Recording Studio

More than the cocktail bar, more than the architecture, more even than the vintage instruments on display or the immense Neve mixing desk that dominates the room, there is a buzz here. Even among […]

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Berklee Rising – Cover Story of Mix Magazine

Berklee Rising – Mix – November 2014
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AR Rahman awarded WSDG to design new Film Studio Complex in India

An Auspicious Meeting

Academy and Grammy Award-winning composer A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) flew to Boston this week to accept an honorary doctor of music degree from the Berklee College of Music. He […]

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