Project Description


Deep beneath NY’s fabled Soho District lies an 835 sq. ft. recording studio dedicated to the artists on XL Recording’s select assemblage of labels. A subterranean “Bat Cave,” with an enviable collection of vintage gear, expectations for the creative potential of this cool and secluded space were understandably high.


Initially completed in 2016, the original studio looked and felt like the ultimate creative incubator. When the 335 sq. ft. CR and 400 sq. ft. Live Room required a 9½ ft. ceiling height to provide artists with literal as well as aesthetic ‘head room,’ a 6 ft. deep excavation was performed to raise the ceiling by lowering the floor. Nevertheless, once the (name) speakers and (name) subwoofer were cranked up to eleven, the room became extremely reflective..


WSDG was retained to devise a comprehensive room tuning and Control Room- reorientation program to resolve these issues. The proposal included pre-fabricated ceiling clouds and acoustic treatments, custom acoustic splayed fabric wall panels, and perforated wood rear and side wall diffusion treatments. WSDG also modified the 6 ft. dropped floor excavation with the installation of absorptive bench seating and custom perforated wood cabinetry, and filled the wall cavities with 3 1/2” sound attenuation insulation. Today, the XL Studio is a sublimely tuned recording and listening environment poised to serve XL’s impressive roster of artists with a creative home away from home, to foster ideas and inspire collaborations.