Project Description


Telefé is the main television station in Argentina. They feature a great number of television studios that are distributed around the city. As part of the modernization and the actualization of them related to the new technologies and security norms being in force in the country, they started the remodel of these spaces.

Program, Design, & Acoustics

Being Telefé´s the acoustic consultants, we suggested them many different options for the actualization of the television studios that enable them to have reverberation times that answer the new live performance requirements on Soap Operas and Talk Shows recording.

On the other hand, all the solutions should be able to be designed and executed on specific times where those studios were not being used. The first part of the work consisted in the complete dismantlement of acoustic treatments placed 60 years ago.

Once the studios were free of old material, we started with the treatment of the different surfaces through mixed techniques such as, the projection of the cellulose insulator, phono-absorbent panels with fabric, openings being sealed, coordination with mechanical engineers, etc.