Project Description


Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service and one of the largest drivers of revenue to the music business today.  In a move to expand and streamline its production capabilities in Boston, MA, Spotify retained WSDG to design a streaming/ business management facility outfitted with user-friendly, “dual command” technology and Spotify Hall, a black box showcase/dining venue designed to host guest artist performances and staff events.


WSDG COO/Partner Joshua Morris and Project Manager Jonathan Bickoff describe the complex as a 60,000 ft2/ 5575m2 space distributed over four floors in 3 Center Plaza, a recently renovated, mixed-use, crescent-shaped building proximate to Boston’s financial district.   Spotify’s 8th floor production/office component includes a large open “Bull Pen,” multiple conference, screening and breakout rooms for focus group sessions.  Spotify Hall, the facility’s “Crown Jewel” is a pliable performance venue which also serves as an attractive casual dining area for staff and guests.  “We collaborated with designers TP Bennett (London) and architects of record Mancini:Duffy (NY/NJ) on this massive project,” Joshua Morris reports, “It represents an extremely impressive Spotify Boston footprint.”


Spotify Hall is a dual command facility created to provide skilled professional production staff with advanced control of the audio/visual equipment and preset scenarios accessible by touchscreen for ease of use.  “Whatever their level of production or live AV engineering expertise, Spotify’s creative staff can quickly reconfigure and control the venue to maximize its technological capabilities,” explained WSDG Senior Systems Designer Federico Hugo Petrone.  “Every component, from sophisticated RGB LED production lighting to sound reinforcement, videography and broadcasting has been incorporated in this small but powerful venue.  It is tasked with streaming live performances and lectures to the internal team and is capable of broadcasting this material to a global audience.   The Hall’s comprehensive video conferencing system is based on several HD PTZ cameras strategically distributed throughout the room to achieve the best camera angles.  The small stage can accommodate any type of presentation, from lectures to bands to theatrical performances. Spotify Hall is an aesthetic and acoustic gem, and an integral component of Spotify Boston’s creative mission.”