Project Description


The Scharoun Theater in Wolfsburg is one of the largest theaters in Germany. Designed by architect Hans Scharoun and originally opened in 1973, the theater is a popular destination for touring productions into the present day. The theater was classified as a Cultural Monument of National Significance in 2014. 


The WSDG Design Team was tasked with room acoustics and sound system design and management. All of these tasks had to be carefully planned in order to preserve the building’s historic design. 


This theater was refurbished strictly in accordance with the requirements of monument protection to preserve or restore the original condition of the theater.

The excellent existing room acoustics were preserved, but with a reduction in exterior noise level.

On the systems design side, the goal was to rebuild the original technology of 1973 with modern sound reinforcement, video, and stage management technology that meets the current needs of modern productions. A voice alarm system, assistive listening system, broadband antenna system were also installed. Ensuring that all of these things remained ‘invisible’ to the casual observer without compromising their functionality was of paramount importance. The theater has several venues to accommodate different events. All these venues were integrated into the new system.