Project Description


During the three-year remodeling process of the world famous Stadtcasino Basel, the Stadtcasino’s Operating Company required a temporary venue to present their 200+ yearly events. The provisional theater had to accommodate an audience of up to 1500. And, provide professional level acoustics and theatrical support systems. “The Musical Theater Basel, was selected to play this interim role. “The Stadtcasino Concert Hall (under reconstruction), has a reverberation time of 2.3 second,” reports Stadtcasino Director, Thomas Koeb. “However, the reverberation time in the Musical Theater is only 1.4 seconds. We needed to correct this problem in order to be able to accommodate classical concerts.”


A study performed by a consultant provided basic measurements. WSDG performed an in-depth analysis and review of the consultant’s findings and tender documents. And, also reviewed tenders by system integrators. In addition to completing the final installation evaluation, WSDG reviewed the installation and commissioning of the recommended acoustical modifications, enhancement system install and programming, and remained available to advise the client throughout the process. WSDG counsel on this project is estimated to have provided the client with significant cost savings considerably upwards of the WSDG consulting fee.


A handsome 7.5m high x 14m wide orchestra ‘shell’ was installed to reduce the stage size. Consisting of moveable wooden panels and flying ceiling elements, the installation extends the reverberation time to the desired length and prevents the orchestral sound from dispersing in the almost 30-meter high (and equally deep) stage. It also creates reflections, which are projected back towards the musicians, enabling them to evaluate their own audibility. And, it reflects the music outward towards the audience. The unique elctroacoustical enhancement system includes 21 microphones distributed throughout the stage and audience areas to capture the orchestra sound. The music is dispersed over 40 loudspeakers to create an optimal reverb time. This enables the musical director and sound mixer to select the desired reverberation time setting with a swipe on a touch panel. The resulting variable acoustics have received high praise from artists, musical directors, the press and the audience alike. The Stadtcasino Concert Hall remodeling is scheduled for completion in Summer 2019 and is anticipated to totally “wow!” the audience.