Project Description


An Argentinean entrepreneur, classical music lover and piano player wanted to place his two large tale Steinway pianos at the new “music wing” of his country house.


The new section of the house, strategically located by the pool, with a fantastic view of the gardens, is planned to be used for his piano rehearsal and in special occasions, as a performance mini hall, in which he will have all major opera and classical south American players, in VIP sessions for his exclusive group of friends.


The space was completely designed to place the two pianos, and a assure a perfect listening at the scenario and the entire living/hall room. Working together with his interior design team, we were able to fit all acoustic treatment seamless around the space. Although Carlos, who is an engineer, feels comfortable with technology, he required that all the recording equipment was hidden in equipment closets, and all audio/video panel were recessed on the floor.