Project Description


The Meiningen Staatstheater is a four-division theater located in Meiningen, Germany. Originally opened in 1831, it offers a robust program of musical theater and concert performances. The theater was renovated in the mid-2000s to upgrade its facilities and A/V systems.


The WSDG Design Team was tasked with room and building acoustics, electroacoustics, and A/V systems engineering for the ‘Grand House’ of the theater.


The Grand House of the Meininger Theater was fundamentally renovated,  with completely new stage technology installed, worked-out stalls and renewed textile wall coverings as per acoustic targets. The orchestra pit as well as the side, main and rear stages were also redesigned. In the rear hall area, the sound control was renewed with digital technology. The video and stage management systems were renewed as well.

In the run-up of the general renovation of the ‘Grand House’, a new building with a stage for chamber performances was erected directly next to the theater in order to maintain the play operation during the subsequent general renovation of the existing building. After completion of the general renovation of the ‘Grand House’, the stage for chamber performances serves as a supplementary venue for the Meininger Theater.

The building with the stage for chamber performances is a new building with a typical stage, light and media systems. In the rear hall area of ​​the stage for chamber performances, a control room with a digital sound system was arranged. The hall was also equipped with video and stage management systems.