Project Description


The Government of La Rioja City, through its Architecture and Infrastructure, decided to recycle an existing space that was built in 1950, located at the center of La Rioja City in La Rioja Province, Argentina.


The main objective was to turn this space into the principal entertainment center of the city, to promote the province culture. The theatre is equipped with the most modern scenic technologies for performances, live shows and audio, video and multimedia production.


Starting with a revision of the space history, together with the Architecture Department, we defined the number and placement of the seats and the entries, considering the current security norms, also the acoustic specifications for everything, the new space applications and the coordination with the system integrators for the correct placement of all the technical equipment required by the installment.


Once we defined the floors, we simulated and predicted the ideal reverberation time for a room with these characteristics. Due to the purpose that more than 90% of the audience gets visualization and listening as similar as possible, we placed acoustic panels and acoustic diffusers on the walls and a series of nine gigantic reflecting / absorbent panels hanging through all the theatre. In order to control and direct the sound reflection, house the lightening and develop the air condition system on an area where the media temperature is 35º C.