Project Description


One of the world’s most celebrated classical pianists, and a multi-Grammy winner, for Sony Classical recordings of Brahms, Mendelssohn, Strauss and other revered composers, Emanuel Ax is equally renowned for stirring concert performances around the globe.  With homes in Manhattan and West Stockbridge, MA. Manny Ax maintains his superb performance edge by constant practice.  When his superlative sensitivity to acoustic excellence led him to question the reliability of the rehearsal studio in his Stockbridge home, he asked Tim Martyn, Director of Audio for the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Tanglewood Festival for advice.  Martyn agreed with Ax’s findings and recommended that he bring WSDG founding partner John Storyk (a long-time Tanglewood devotee and huge fan of Manny Ax) in for an acoustic audit.


Storyk and the WSDG team used a combination of Impulse Response Measurements and Predictive Analysis software to determine and correct the exact surface treatments of the existing room as well as modifying the orientation of Ax’s piano.  WSDG’s findings determined recommendations for the installation of a precisely curated package of specialty wall and ceiling treatments to modulate and “fine tune” the room.


Manny Ax’s 500 SF Home Rehearsal Studio needed to assure him of an ideal acoustic environment.  In addition to his own exceptionally high standards, he frequently engaged the studio for rehearsals with such equally exacting artists as long-time friend and summer neighbor, cellist Yo-Yo Ma prior to their joint concert performances.  There could be no room in this room for anything less than pristine sound.   “What a thrill to work on this room for Manny, and to think of the hours and hours of rehearsing that would happen here,” Storyk adds.