Project Description


EFE-X is an audio & visual production company based in Bogotá, Colombia. It offers its clients a wide range of services including composition, animation, editing, digital recording and mastering.

Due to the increased activity of the Colombian film industry, along with a series of international box office hits and independent productions, EFE-X decided to include among its services a Dolby Digital Certified mixing room, allowing them to successfully carry out post production processes.


The design process began with the finding of an appropiate location for the new studio within the EFE-X existing facilities, achieving quality results as per the high standards WSDG prides upon, as well as the expectations of a Dolby system.

Given that the Colombian advertising industry is one of the key interests for EFE-X, there was a need to accomplish an interior design which would create different environments that maintained a close relation with the different types of productions that would be carried out.


  • Pro Tools HD3 Accel V7.0x and (2) HD Process
  • 192 I/O
  • 192 A/D
  • SYNC I/O
  • Machine Control
  • TL Space
  • ReVibe
  • DB25-XLR M DigiSnake kit
  • DB25-XLR F DigiSnake kit
  • ICON D-Control with 32 faders
  • Dolby sorround tools
  • Neyerink soundcode
  • Sonic Solutions No noise Bundle
  • PRE Digidesign
  • Digidesign MOJO SDI firewire video interface
  • Apple Cinema HD Display 23″ Flat Panel LCD
  • JBL-SURR-CI JBL surround cinema 2 Active Subwoofers 12″ 250W, 8 surround monitors
  • PT-AX100U Panasonic 2000 ANSI Lumens Widescreen High Definition Home Cinema
  • Intel Xeon/3GB/250GB/16x