Project Description


One of the most ambitious, futuristic, and compelling ‘destination’ magnet projects ever built, The Doha Oasis is a“city-within-a-city” in the heart of Musheireb, State of Qatar.  Totaling 4 million ft2/37,000 m2 of hotel suites and exclusive residences, the complex is comprised of two ultra-luxury, 20-story elliptical glass residence buildings, each with nine floors of duplex apartments; a 29-story, seven star hotel with 7 restaurants, and a business center.  The “Jewel in the Crown,” is a nearly 775,000ft2/72,000m2, “Themed Experience Center” (TEC) featuring twenty-six next generation, self-contained experiential attractions and the Doha Oasis Boutique, afour-level underground “Commercial Podium” housing the TEC, an exclusive spa, and extensive high-end shopping options.


In 2015 general contractor RedcoConstruction ALMANA retained WSDG to address a plethora of latent acoustic issues.  To ensure complete sound isolation throughout the mammoth complex, the global WSDG acoustic team engaged its entire arsenal of acoustic measurement, testing and analysis protocols as well as critical isolation and design services to identify and eliminate all potential sound isolation issues.


The WSDG acoustic measurement team consisted of Miami-based Project Manager/Acoustic Engineer, David Molho and Middle East representative Marc Viadiu.  They performed a full week of comprehensive acoustic analysis and modeling tests in Doha for a critical Peer Review Testing mission of the expansive complex using world-class BNK 2250 microphones and sophisticated DODEC Omni-directional speakers.

The Doha Oasis will open officially in 2022 in conjunction with that year’s World Cup Games being held in Qatar.  Describing the process David Molho reports, “We performed over 1000 individual area STC and reverb time measurements for this assignment, and our comprehensive analysis confirms the quality of ARUP Group work.  The Doha Oasis complex is magnificent, and we look forward to our next round of testing in this extraordinary multifaceted environment.”