Project Description


Early on in the process of planning their 3000 sq. ft. dream home in Buenos Aires’ upscale suburb of Cañuelas, the owners commissioned WSDG partners Silvia and Sergio Molho to create the entire interior design, from color palette and furniture to a high end, acoustically fine-tuned, home theater. The project provided interior designer Silvia Molho with a rare opportunity to apply her skills to the creation of a fully cohesive internal program, from fabrics through accessories and finishes.


Having known the owners socially, Ms. Molho undertook the ambitious assignment with the advantage of a deep familiarity with their aesthetic tastes. Likewise, her expertise with proprietary WSDG computer design programs, and her experience with LED programmable lighting systems, also played critical roles in her creative process. Pristine white walls throughout the residence provide an ideal blank canvas for the system’s infinite color mixing options.


Ms. Molho developed a custom Zebrawood furniture ensemble for the loft-like kitchen, dining room, and living room/home theater, including a handsome sideboard/buffet/bar. A pair of telescoping, mahogany doors, establish a two-way acoustic barrier to inhibit sound leakage into (and out of) the home theater. Suspended from the center of a triple recessed oval in the ceiling above the double height ‘great room’ entranceway is a one of a kind chandelier. Adorned with fifty-eight individual crystal beaded strands of color programmable LEDs, the iconic fixture provides the template for series of smaller lighting units, which adorn the dining room and home theater. A dramatic mahogany and glass staircase leads to the balcony game/room, two bedrooms (with custom designed furniture), and two ensuite bathrooms. Designed to provide maximum creature comfort and total ease of maintenance the home has already earned the total appreciation of the owners and their guests.


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