Jazz at Lincoln Center in Columbus Circus, NYC. Acoustic design and internal room acoustics by WSDG. Main photo.

June 22, 2021 1:00 PM ET

Noise Off!

Structural Acoustics, Isolation and Vibration Control

hosted by
Dirk Noy, WSDG Partner, Director of Applied Science and Engineering
Gabriel Hauser, WSDG Partner, Director of Acoustics

Language: English

Challenge: The science (and art) of designing physical spaces for specific purposes has evolved over the past 2000+ years from Roman Coliseums, Greek Amphitheaters and Spanish Inquisition Torture Chambers to highly sophisticated Performance Spaces such as the Hollywood Bowl, Jazz At Lincoln Center, and Switzerland’s KKL Luzern Concert Hall. This webinar will address the design tools, architectural/acoustic measurement software, and physical treatments available to (1) Custom-design new spaces for superlative listening and viewing enjoyment and (2) Correct built spaces to substantially improve speech intelligibility, and music/spoken word performance appreciation, and control sound “leakage” into (and out of) rooms, which require sound isolation. Topics to be covered will include: Definitions e.g. Quietness Levels, Airborne and Structureborne Sound Transmission; and ‘Applications’ e.g. Sound Isolation, Mass and Decoupling, Room-Within-Room Construction. Case Studies will include The Church Studios, (London); Jazz At Lincoln Center (NYC), and Swiss Parliament/National Council Hall, (Bern).