Tuesday to Friday – February 7-10, 2017 – All Day 

RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 2-22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Presented by: Dirk Noy, Partner, Director of Applied Science and Engineering, WSDG

Title: Tuning the room Part III – Acoustic Design: Striking Efficient and (when necessary) Invisible

Lecture Date/Time: Thursday – February 9, 2017 –2:00pm – 5:00pm – Room D204

Language: English

InfoComm MasterClass: Tuning the room Part III – Acoustic Design: Striking Efficient and (when necessary) Invisible

Dirk Noy
Partner/Head of European Office
This MasterClass will explore a variety of new and improved acoustic treatments and discuss methods of implementing them to maximize their potential. Dramatic leaps in acoustic design and technology have permitted designers the luxury of providing clients with a myriad of options, tuning their rooms to optimal levels of musical, conversational clarity and quietude. These solutions are aesthetically pleasing, affordable and exceptionally effective. Heavy draperies, ungainly wall treatments and complex technical devices have been replaced by attractive, user-friendly alternatives.Innovations such as perforated wood surface treatments, acoustically absorbing (smooth) plaster, transparent acoustic plastic and more are now available to inhibit excessive sound levels. These options have proven themselves superbly capable of remedying reflective noise problems and improving speech recognition. Plus, they are not prohibitively expensive.
Speaker Biography:
Originally from The Netherlands, Dirk Noy, M.Sc. Physics, earned a Diploma in Experimental Solid State Physics from the University of Basel, Switzerland and is a graduate of Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Orlando, Fla., USA, Since joining WSDG in 1997 he has collaborated on numerous international acoustical design and consultation projects. Fluent in German, Dutch, French and English, Mr. Noy is a published member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Swiss Acoustical Society (SGA). He lectures frequently at conventions, colleges, and architectural education institutions.

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