Project Manager

Melisa Miceli, WSDG, located in Buenos Aires. Project Manager. Architect.

Melisa is an Architect who studied at the Buenos Aires University (UBA) in Argentina, where she also teaches as an AdHonorem faculty.  At WSDG, she works with the production team, developing construction documentation for projects all around the world.

She was an enthusiast for music all her life and her interest in acoustic spaces grew during her university years.  She was requested to design an Arts School, which included recording and practicing rooms of all kinds, and a small philharmonic hall.  At that time, her curiosity for knowing the spaces where the magic of music happened started to grow.
Today she is part of the WSDG global team, working in projects of the outmost acoustic, technical and design level, something that seemed like a dream a few years ago.


Buildings: Museo Xul Solar (P. Beitia), Iglesia del Cristo Obrero (E. Dieste), Whitney Museum (M. Breuer), Berlin Philharmonic ( H. Scharoun)

Music: Air, Bjork, Massive Attack, Moby, Radiohead