WSDG-Logo-newsMonday to Wednesday – October 25-28,2015 – All Day

WSDG Headquarters, NY Highland Office

Title: “Best Practice” Approaches to Acoustical Data Acquisition

Presented by the Engineers Dirk Noy (Partner, GM Europe Office) & Gabriel Hauser (Project Engineer)

Language: English

Course Goal and Setup:

The goal of this course is to get the WSDG field teams up to speed in terms of performing efficient, reliable, standard-compliant and properly exchangeable on site data acquisition  The focus will be put on performing the actual measurements – and less on the actual analysis and interpretation of the data (that can more easily be done remotely, once the data has been properly acquired). 

The mornings (proposed 10:00 – 12:00) will be used for some theoretical touchups on acoustics, measurement technology and procedures. The afternoons (proposed starting at 14:00 and ending whenever they end :)  ) will be used to do an actual measurement at an interesting site. 

Course participants are strongly encouraged to bring in their own measurement hardware and software to be used throughout the course. If anybody wants a “recommended equipment” list we will gladly produce one.

Course Outline:

Day 1 (Monday, October 26  2015)


       Measurement of Sound Pressure Levels
       Stimuli Signals
       Spectral Measurements
       Fourier Transformation
       Impulse Response Measurements 

Site Requirements: Preferably medium- or large size room (can be same site as day three)

Day 2 (Tuesday, October 27 2015)


       Measurement of Background Noise Levels
       Sending Room, Receiving Room
       Definition of STC and other sound isolation standard values
       Tapping Machine
       Impact Sound  

Tapping Machine requested for this day.

Site Requirements: Preferably recording studio with pretty high STC partition systems

Day 3 (Wednesday, October 28  2015)


       Speech Intelligibility, various metrics etc.
       Modulation Index Transfer Function
       System Calibration

Site Requirements: Preferably medium- or large size room with a working and accessible sound reinforcement system (can be same site as day one)