Acoustic Society of America

December 5-9, 2022

183rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Wave Acoustic Solutions in Small Rooms

hosted by Dr. Peter D’Antonio, Director of Research at REDIAcoustics

Language: English

This presentation will discuss the growing application of wave based solutions, due to the increased processing power of desktop and distributed cloud cluster computing. The causes and mitigation of four types of potential acoustical distortion in small rooms, below and above 200 Hz, will be presented. Below 200 Hz, approaches to minimize modal effects and the speaker boundary interference response will be presented. We will discuss limitations of traditional dimensional ratio determinations, more accurate wave-based predictions, importance of speaker and listener locations and prediction and measurement of low frequency absorption devices. Above 200 Hz, comb filtering from strong specular reflections and poor diffusion are potential problems. We will describe the necessary ratio of surface width to incident wavelength for a specular reflection and its effect on comb filtering. A new full frequency Non-cuboid Iterative Room Optimizer called NIRO, will be briefly described which addresses all forms of acoustical distortion. Finally, a new wave-based BEM virtual goniometer will be described, which can simulate the diffusive performance of any topology from a 3D CAD file. This offers the acoustician the ability to evaluate surface topologies without the need for physical scale models that are of interest in a room design quickly and inexpensively.