BASEL, SWITZERLAND:   Dirk Noy, WSDG partner and European GM, has announced the opening of new offices in Cologne, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. Carlo Fickler, a WSDG team-member since 2006, will lead the Cologne branch. An expert in architectural acoustics and audio/visual technology integration, Fickler will concentrate his energies on existing projects and on expanding [...]

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Media Facility Architecture – Site and Layout Considerations

by Dirk Noy, Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG) Imagine – you, the ambitious not-necessarily-so-new kid on the block want to build a media production facility. You rub the next beer bottle you stumble across and oooohh there he is: the genie in the bottle. And he’s here to grant your probably-not-so-secret wish of having your dream [...]

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Acoustic Measurement Standards

Control Rooms (stereo and 5.1 surround sound):ITU-R 775 (Multichannel stereophonic sound system with and without accompanying picture)ITU-R 1116 (Methods for the subjective assessment of small impairments in audio systems including multichannel sound systems)DIN 15996 (Image and sound production in film and video studios and radio stations - Principles and provisions for a work station)EBU Tech [...]

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In Spanish: Roma & Romma Records, Los beneficios de un Home Studio

POR WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG) es una empresa consultora internacional que provee servicios completos de diseño acústico y arquitectónico, especializado en diversos ambientes de alta complejidad audiovisual. Los arquitectos e ingenieros de WSDG proveen servicios de diseño, construcción y consultoría para instalaciones profesionales de audio y video, salas de presentación multimedial, home theaters, salas [...]

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