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„John Storyk and Beth Walters are such wonderful supporters of projects that advance girls and young women in our industry Thank you so much!“
Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring, Skywalker Sound
„I was there yesterday – HOLY CRAP, John! This is the middle of the 9th ward – studios like this don’t exist here – or anywhere in New Orleans, for that matter! It will take me a lonnnng time to be able to express my gratitude to you… You have changed the lives of many, many people, John… you are a hero… love h“
Harry Connick Jr., Singer, Read more
„Former Penny Lane owner and senior mixer Bobby Sorrentino will make his new home at audioEngine|NYC… Bobby will occupy the John Storyk-designed Studio F at 817 Broadway as his primary studio. “All of our mixers can work any room, but we need to house one of Penny Lane’s FairLight systems in order to support legacy clients and studio F was the best fit for that” says Giammarco.“
Bob Giammarco, CEO, aE|Media, audioEngine|NYC’s parent company
„John, Josh,The workflow in the studio is truly amazing. I’ve spent many hours now in the control room and have found it to be perfectly suited for making records and as a critical listening environment for research. Thanks to both of you for the hard work“
Jim Odom, Founder, PreSonus
„It was a tremendous honor and privilege working with John Storyk, Joshua Morris and WSDG. The studio they designed exceeded all expectations and I couldn’t be happier working in the environment they created to suit every specific need I had. It looks fantastic and sounds even better, and at the end of the day I am thrilled to be the proud owner of such a fabulous studio. Endless thanks, WSDG.“
Adam Young, Owner, Producer, musician, & singer-songwriter, Owl City Studio
„…Partly the vibe, the team and the cafe/music shop downstairs is an amazing asset. Not many places you can ask for a digi whammy pedal at 10:30pm and get one in 5 minutes…“
Paul Epworth (right), Owner and founder (left: Jon, Owner of Lakehouse Studio), The Church Studios - Producing Lorde at Lakehouse Studio