Recording in an Airstream

Ronnie Lane’s Mobile Studio was among the first mobiles ever to hit the road. Armed with a Helios mixing console, Studer and Revox tape machines, and Tannoy monitors it was made yet more newsworthy by the 26-ft Airstream trailer that contained it.   Currently operated by Paul Madden, Lane’s LMS was built by audio engineer Ron [...]

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Cutting Edge Technology and Contemporary Construction Techniques at Casa Ezeiza

The new lifestyles resulting from globalization and the electronic technologies generated new highly technical spaces which are not limited to only few people: it is a possibility accessible to everybody. The architect faces new ways of living in homes, where fun and learning are combined. We are in a world that requires adaptation to residential [...]

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The Church: The Resurrection of a Recording Studio

More than the cocktail bar, more than the architecture, more even than the vintage instruments on display or the immense Neve mixing desk that dominates the room, there is a buzz here. Even among the prestige recording studio parties of past years, this feels special. The church setting is somehow significant... something precious has been [...]

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Consideraciones Acústicas y de sistemas para entornos de escucha criticos

Thursday, December 4, 2014 - Bizkaia, Spain Location: DELEGACIÓN EN BIZKAIA DEL COLEGIO OFICIAL DE ARQUITECTOS VASCO-NAVARRO Title: Consideraciones Acústicas y de sistemas para entornos de escucha criticos Description: Breve repaso de los fundamentos de la acústica arquitectonica y su aplicación en el mundo del aislamiento ý acondicionamiento acústico. Auralización concepto y ejemplos. Website: [...]

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AR Rahman awarded WSDG to design new Film Studio Complex in India

An Auspicious Meeting Academy and Grammy Award-winning composer A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) flew to Boston this week to accept an honorary doctor of music degree from the Berklee College of Music. He also conducted a concert at Symphony Hall to benefit the A.R. Rahman scholarship fund at Berklee for students from India [...]

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