Project Description


Playwright, Emmy-nominated composer/musical artist, novelist, and TV producer.  Scooter Pietsch has created underscores, themes and original songs for hundreds of TV series and thousands of episodes including ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, USA Network’s Burn Notice, All Dogs Go To Heaven and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Electing to downsize his original 2000 ft2 studio to a more efficient 350 ft2 facility in a building attached to his LA home, he conceived a professionally designed CR/Recording/Mixing room and vocal booth and retained WSDG to design his new studio.


Envisioning a bright open space with a high “A Frame” ceiling, panoramic windows on both sides providing pool and canyon views and impeccable acoustics, Pietsch hosted an extensive WSDG on-site testing program and soon received an inclusive 58 page report including design drawings, acoustic treatment and positioning recommendations including three handsome black stretch fabric covered custom ceiling clouds and an RPG Modffractal rear wall diffuser.


A skilled contractor/interior designer in his own right, Pietsch began the build-out process while working remotely with the WSDG design team.  The new studio (including a fully floated vocal booth) was completed and tuned to perfection in relatively short order.  The ScooterMusic Studio is a study in immaculate, modern minimalism.  Clean white walls provide a blank canvas for the high end Philips Hue smart light mood-lighting system.  A closed circuit video system enables singers and musicians to maintain visual connectivity with the engineer/producer at the board.  Outfitted with a UAD Apollo X4 audio interface, ScooterMusic is driven by a 2019 Mac Pro 3.2 Ghz 16 Core Intel Xeon with 128GB RAM.


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