Project Description


Bishop David Oyedepo’s World of Faith Bible Institute was originally founded in April of 1997 with a congregation of twenty.  Today, the campus boasts the world’s largest church auditorium with a 50,000 seat Faith Tabernacle as well as a 17,000 acre house estate for its worshipers.  In accordance with the institute’s mission, Oyedepo commissioned the construction of a 468,820 ft2/42,800 m2 worship center conceived in the shape of the Hand of God, with five halls connected to the ‘palm’ of the main Tabernacle.  The compound also includes a Youth Hall, Children’s Church, the Kingdom Heritage Model School, the Faith Academy Secondary School and the Covenant University facility, which accommodates over 7,000 resident students.


WSDG was brought on in 2016 to supervise the acoustic design of the worship space as well as design professional audio and video production facilities for the complex.  WSDG partners from all of the global offices collaborated to develop a formal design program that would provide consummate functionality, ease of operation and extraordinary speech clarity for religious services and educational lectures throughout the complex.  Initial recommendations were made by WSDG Africa and Middle East Representative Marc Viadiu, and programming and negotiations were finalized by WSDG Partner/Director of Business Development Sergio Molho.


WSDG’s entire 60+ member global architectural & acoustical design and systems integration team devoted countless hours to ensuring the success of this complex multi element project.  Molho was designated Project Liaison for the primary system design program.  WSDG’s Belo Horizonte, Brazil office coordinated an acoustics element which included classrooms, lecture halls and the Main Sanctuary/Tabernacle.  In addition to the religious and educational elements of the complex, WSDG designed an 8,820 ft2/882 m2 audio/video production complex with sophisticated audio and video control rooms, recording studios, and editing and mixing suites to support the Salvation Ministries Podcast/AudioBook and Broadcast/Streaming Program.  Partner/Art Director Silvia Molho contributed aesthetic and technical interior design expertise to develop a variety of multi-purpose lighting systems for the religious service areas and the facilities’ video/audio production/post-production components.


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