Project Description


Located in a luxury residence in southern California, this entertainment space consists of a fully appointed home theater, wine cellar, spa/massage area, and game room.


Slayman Cinema was tasked with transforming a subterranean room of the residence into a stunning home theater space with excellent acoustics, peerless system integration, and a comfortable feel. 


The design of the space was influenced by contemporary and modern architecture with a hint of Art Deco. The radial, three-dimensional ceiling is composed of wood veneer beams with illuminated glass-panels. Acoustically transparent fabric stretched on a track system hides the speakers and acoustical elements. Slayman Cinema was responsible for the design of the space, A/V integration was done by Vision and Sound, and seating by Fortress Seating.

Slayman Cinema understands the importance and necessity of collaboration to create a cohesive residential or commercial screening room environment that marries stunning design with exceptional performance. We’ve been pleased to partner with WSDG as acousticians and A/V integrators to guarantee that our projects not only look and feel amazing, but also sound incredible and function at the peak of technical excellence.