Project Description


A stunning home theater space built into a luxury home at an undisclosed location. Theater design was by Slayman Cinema, A/V integration by Cantara Design, and seating by Fortress Seating.


The design goals of this space were to evoke the golden age of cinema with elements and materials reminiscent of 1930’s Hollywood, while also boasting modern acoustics and A/V integration.


The 8,000 sq ft space consists of a 45-seat main auditorium cinema with a Mezzanine level, two lobbies, separate men’s and ladies’ bathrooms, bar/lounge area and a wine cellar.  Fabric finishings were Damask in rich hues with Swarovski crystal inlays.

The theater features an 18-foot wide screen with a 3D projection system and boasts 8,400 watts of audio power for an immersive sonic experience.

Photography by Eric Figge Photography

Slayman Cinema understands the importance and necessity of collaboration to create a cohesive residential or commercial screening room environment that marries stunning design with exceptional performance. We’ve been pleased to partner with WSDG as acousticians and A/V integrators to guarantee that our projects not only look and feel amazing, but also sound incredible and function at the peak of technical excellence.