Project Description


Alan Faena, an audacious argentine entrepreneur, summoned the well known designer Philippe Stark to remodel and redesign an antique building placed at the exclusive area of “Puerto Madero” in Buenos Aires City, Argentina.


Inside the hotel and the apartments building, more than 14 spaces for multiple uses can be found, among which we can appreciate the imposing Cathedral that is the entrance hall and hotel reception; the Living Room and the Cabaret.

The idea was to have an intelligent system of distributed music that could be capable of administrating different musical programs for each of the public spaces, turning the hotel into a gigantic radio station of 14 simultaneous channels, distinguished simultaneously. On the other hand, we specified to the kind of architecture of the project, all the acoustic details for the isolation of the critical sound spaces (Night Club) in relation with the hotel rooms and apartments.


The challenge was to integrate all the acoustic and system integration solutions to the wonderful design team leaded by Philippe Starck.


In order to achieve the acoustic isolation of the critical spaces, we need to use a system of walls, floating ceilings hanging through springs; details that enabled the total isolation and acoustic decouplement among very close spaces.


  • Audio music server for 16 independent and simultaneous channels
  • Bose loudspeaker system
  • DSP shure
  • Sound system for the stage