Project Description


Since its creation in 2008, Beijing’s thriving Huairou District has emerged as the hub of China’s film production industry. Spread across 150,000 sq. meters (nearly 10,000 acres) of prime real estate, Huairou is home to leading firms in virtually every area of professional filmmaking. From sixteen multifunctional film studios to independent pre- and post-production firms, audio recording, digital and traditional animation production, film sales and distribution, production equipment sales and rental and virtually every support service required by the professional film production industry.  The area is also home to the China Film Group State Production Base which has received strong support from leaders of the Central Government.  Beijing’s Huairou District is rightfully considered “Mainland China’s Hollywood.” In fact, the single missing element of this world-class creative community was (until recently) a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos Film Audio Mixing Theater.


In 2019 WSDG team members visited China Film Group headquarters in Beijing’s historic Haidian district for initial meetings with company executives.  Participants included: Jonathan Wang Technical Director of DMT and GM of CFG Production Base Mr. Lei.  A productive collaborative relationship was soon established with WSDG China-based Representative Víctor Cañellas and WSDG Partner/Project Engineer/Liaison, Sergio Molho. CFG principals made their goals for the innovative new Film Audio mixing theater they envisioned extremely clear in terms of the look and feel of the complex. They also emphasized their budgetary concerns. The China Film Group planned to create a mixing theater that would rival the look, feel, technology and acoustic quality of Hollywood’s finest facilities. WSDG expertise in designing Dolby Atmos recording mixing and editing facilities for a number of successful film post-production firms simplified the China Film Group’s decision for a design team.  


CFG’s clearly defined budget, and deep concerns for high-quality lighting, seating and related aesthetic support elements presented WSDG Partner/Art Director Silvia Molho with a considerable challenge.  Charged with acquiring nearly 100 high-end plush leather seats:   Sixty-seven “Premium,” eight “Engineering Seats” for workstation staff, and sixteen “Super” premium seat/couches for high level execs and celebrity guests, Ms. Molho proved herself a “seasoned shopper.” She also engaged her aesthetic skills to curating colors, carpeting, lighting, rear, sidewall and ceiling acoustic fixtures and established an ambience of relaxed, high-end elegance. A full complement of sixty Meyer Sound HMS-10, HMS-15, X-800C, Acheron 100, Acheron LF and HMS-12 speakers were installed to support the Dolby Atmos system.  The CFG Mixing Theater is based around an Avid S6 Console.  WSDG’s global design team fine-tuned this impressive new audio mixing facility to specifically address the China Film Group’s requirements and, to create a new level of post-production elegance and technical sophistication for China’s rapidly expanding film industry.