Project Description


Located in an unassuming 4700 ft2warehouse in an industrial park just outside of Beijing, Ascentone Studios is a multi-level, next generation studio space designed to be the epitome of futuristic design sensibilities and modern music production capabilities. The studio was completed in 2022.


The WSDG Design Team was tasked with creating an inspiring, synergistic complex from the ground up that embraced multiple design aesthetics across its two floors and three separate studio spaces while still presenting a unified feel. This aesthetic sensibility also had to be designed and implemented harmoniously with all of the studio’s technical and acoustic requirements from the beginning and built simultaneously.


The three studio spaces each have their own unique visual identity that is carefully tied into the acoustic and A/V sensibilities of each section. Studio A has a futuristic feel utilizing bold, interlocking shapes and customizable embedded LED lighting for a unique, space-age look. The acoustic elements in the design are carefully hidden behind the shapes for a smooth, modern look without any compromises to the sound in either the double-height live room or the control room. Studio B has a more classic-inspired look with smooth lines, utilizing the curves of the space to hide the acoustic elements of the rooms. Studio C was designed to be modern and neutral looking, while still utilizing familiar visual cues from Studios A and B to add a sense of design continuity. All three spaces include their own Iso booths